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10 Advantages of iOS Application Development For Businesses In 2018

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In the modern world of thriving technology, having a business app is must for a growing company. Smartphones are the highest used devices for personal and professional use. Two major platforms that run a smartphone are Android and iOS.

Often, a business owner falls in a dilemma when choosing a platform for App development for business. Both, Android and iOS, have their own benefits, but there are certain reasons why launching a business app, first on iOS can be more beneficial than Android. Therefore, hiring expert iOS developers from good mobile app development companies can bring you many business benefits today.

More Paying Clients

Despite having 75% of SmartPhone market as Android users, Apple still prevails when it comes to paying capacity of clients. Apple users are more willing to pay on an app than android users. One of the main reasons behind it is the open source heritage of Android. Moreover, the average cost of an android app is $3.79, whereas for an iOS application, it’s $2.01, making a wide base of paying clients.

Great Consumer Experience

iOS users are usually happy users, empowering it to be the first choice for a business app. With its perfect hardware, excellent customer support and flawless software, apple has developed a superior brand in consumer electronics. When a user downloads an android app, some of them work, while some of them don’t. But that’s not the case for apple users. Each and every iOS app works fluidly on an iPhone, providing a great user experience, which is always essential for a business.

The Apple Interface

A company creates its app to provide a better customer service. More enjoyable the app is, better would be the company’s relationship with the customer. Apple users always praise about the regulated environment of their device. In addition to that, they also enjoy the easy and enjoyable interface of iOS apps. These features can make the company’s app more desirable to use and boost up its sales.

Reach To Tech-Savvy Audience

For a business, attracting new customers is also important to boost its sales. iPhone has always been an attractive device for Tech Savvy audiences. With a well developed iPhone app, companies can enhance their reach for such people. Designing an iOS app for a business is an innovative way to present the company that can further enhance brand recognition.

Allow To Penetrate Developed Countries Markets

Allow To Penetrate Developed Countries Markets

Allow To Penetrate Developed Countries Markets

Growing the business and establishing the roots in foreign countries is the ultimate dream of every company. iPhones are quite popular in developed countries like US and UK and having an iOS app enables the company to expand their business in such countries. Due to the popularity of iPhones in these countries, the company stands a good chance to take a firm stand in their market.

Provide High Security

While developing an app for the business, a company has to choose a platform with other exciting features also provide utmost level of security to its users. iPhone users always stay safe from external threats. iOS provides strong shield for virus and malwares, making it perfect choice for an app development of a business.

Low Fragmentation And Easy Testing

Low Fragmentation And Easy Testing

Low Fragmentation And Easy Testing

There are various devices that use different versions of the Android operating system. While developing an app for an android platform, the variety of versions may increase the development and testing time of the app. Apple has hardly 20+ mobile devices in the market. Having low variety of devices and the versions of iOS they use, enables the developers to create and test the app early and adds benefits to the business as early as possible.

High ROI

High ROI

Android apps generate less than 10% of total money spent on making it, which is not quite profitable for a business. Using iOS apps can lead a company towards healthy finances with higher revenue and increased ROI. The scalable iOS apps have the ability to cater to the investment worthy clients and increasing the reach of business with enhanced value.

Benefit From Apple’s Market Image

Benefit From Apple's Market Image

iPhone users know how hard it is to get an app accepted in an App Store as only fully tested and useful apps are uploaded on the App Stores. When a user sees a business app in an App Store, he instantly knows that the company must be worth the price and his time as it got accepted in an App Store.

Secure Transactions

Though security measures are present to enhance the security aspect of an online payment, iOS app makes it more secure for its users by encrypting online deals and removing threats like phishing, hacking etc.

The market image of iOS and supportive devices like iPad and iPhone is making them increasingly important to improve business sales and productivity, and investing in this platform for a business app can be a wise choice.


So far we have seen the top advantages of iOS app development for businesses in 2018. This would surely make you lean towards iOS app development platform for making further business apps. Security is one of the best features of iOS app development which makes it a preferred choice of many businesses in 2018.

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