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How Does A Digital Marketing Growth Stack Evolve Over Time?

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We are in the middle of a marketing renaissance where there are new and multiple ways to achieve steady business growth.

Historically, marketing has been a major evolutionary force since ancient times. Roman gladiators were paid to wear advertisements on their battle garb, and marketplace sellers from India and China relied on conversation strategies to sell their items.

Although nothing has changed in terms of the need to reach the right buyer with the right messaging, technology is responsible not only for the ways buyers receive and engage with companies, but how brands and marketers feed consumers the right content that empowers their ability to make a purchasing decision.

What fundamentally has changed marketing forever is the transition from outbound to inbound – a methodology that utilizes interactive, two-way communication where customers seek solutions to their needs through educational content that nurtures them through a buyer’s journey.

Unless the sales cycle doesn’t align, inbound marketing is a major component to custom growth stacks offered by the best digital marketing agencies that specialize in multiple offerings from SEO to PPC.

But no two agencies offer the same growth stack, and in order for a growth stack to be truly high-end it must be engineered with an agile approach to accommodate change.

That said, a winning growth stack must not simply be slapped together like ingredients going into a recipe.

When digital marketing agencies have the resources and talent to understand how a client’s buyers consume information and make purchasing decisions, they can use that insight as the growth stack’s foundation while making fine adjustments along the way as those elements change.

When using tools and strategies to create custom growth stacks, they must be synced to work together to generate traffic and nurture prospects while keeping the buyer’s needs front and center.

Just be prepared to fine-tune various components along the way because, while organizations may grow with enhanced consumer activity, stabilize, or sink due to a slowdown in sales, companies and their buyers are never stagnant.

Delving Into Martech Creates Perfect Growth Stacks

Martech is a component of CRM that involves creating, managing and using tools that allow marketers to adapt automation into executing tasks and in making data-driven decisions.

Being able to define which tools to use, the growth-driven strategies that sync them, and how to harness strong customer focus within an expert framework is paramount to running a successful growth stack.

However, technology is constantly changing and any expert agency needs strategic insight into the technology environment. That said, the martech must be open and flexible to move with future developments in tech.

To stay focused, marketing managers can do the following:

• Define Current State – Determine the various tools needed for certain marketing tasks and why current tools are in use.

• Understand Capabilities – Pinpoint the “can’t live without” and the “nice to have” tech capabilities needed to hit goals.

• Assess the Future – Determine where you need to be. Based on the current martech landscape, where are we headed and what will that climate be? What technologies and strategies will you need to be ready?

Clearly, smart home technology and bots are the fastest growing, and the ability to perform voice searches in cars has already broke ground and is predicted to be a huge player in how buyers look for goods and services.

If a portion of your growth stack strategy, such as local SEO, is reliant on voice search, be prepared to make adjustments based on potential device evolution and search behavior shifts.

Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing plays into most of the best custom growth stacks, and its basis can, and will likely shift at some point.

This type of marketing focuses on a brand and its ability to embody and project aspirations, values, interests, and opinions on a culture or group for marketing purposes.

Also known as “lifestyle brands”, these organizations seek to generate sales by inspiring and motivating their consumer audience to identify with how their products contribute to their buyer’s way of life.

A number of things can change that will impact how marketers create strategies for organizations that use lifestyle as a magnet.

Keep in mind that the state of the economy, pop culture shifts, industry and other factors can dictate not only how people consume information, but re-prioritize various needs and wants relevant to products and services.

Because potential shifts in the economy or pop culture can have a heavy influence in how buyer’s identify with companies and their products, various strategies surrounding email marketing, blogging, SEO and other bricks in a growth stack should be poised to take on any tweaks as needed.

Content Marketing

Really, content marketing presents a broad vista and is an overused term backed by little thought.

After all, not all forms of content are appropriate for certain organizations, yet content is the heart of every growth stack.

You first need to decide which content formats and strategies are necessary for each client, bucket them, and understand how they work in today’s current space, and how they might change in time.

For example, if organic traffic is where most buyers enter the funnel for a particular client, think about how the current SEO strategy attracts leads and consider the evolution of Google in conjunction with technology advancements.

Keywords alone used to rank content that captured leads, then there was a shift to semantic SEO, and now voice search technology is dominant. Be prepared to switch up your content with an upgraded strategy that compliments future climates.

Marketing Movement Gives Life

Think of your growth stack as a living, breathing thing. While lackluster marketers throw out growth stack with a “plug-and-play” strategy that never changes, the best marketing agencies are constantly fine-tuning and preparing strategies so that all working parts are cranking in motion.

Just as the human body relies on blood flow and oxygen circulation to feed vital organs and maintain life, so too does a high-quality growth stack need movement to fuel conversions and growth.

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