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Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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As a small business, there is always a question of marketing and cost that creates a huge vacuum in decision making. A lot of small businesses fail to make an impression online because of lopsided marketing strategies or sticking to the every-strategy-works-best-for-every business strategy. Companies fail to recognize the importance of placing themselves well online so that they can reap huge benefits from this medium.

Small businesses can include a lot of baby steps in creating a powerful impact on the audience. Here intellect will play a greater role than money involved; because it is not always that the saying holds true ‘all you touch is gold’. A small business that is involved in doing business completely online should have an effective digital marketing strategy in place. This will ensure that you reach a wider audience in a less than stipulated time frame.

  • Website Layout

Almost every business aims at driving traffic to their website. Hence it is very important to have a great website layout especially the landing page. A website must look and feel good while navigating. It should be easy to decipher and maneuver without difficulty. Since nearly 50% of the audience uses their mobile devices to access websites or indulge in apps to do online shopping, it is important to have a great responsive website design that can be viewed irrespective of screen size and resolution. Google has tightened its algorithm to reward search result rankings based on mobile compatibility of websites.

  • Social Media

Learning to use Social media wisely will go a long way to drive organic traffic to your website. A lot of people pay to advertise regular services and no one is really interested in it. They have Google for it! It is important to understand and know your target audience before proceeding with social media marketing. The users are spread far and wide between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. It also ends up taking up a lot of time; hence it is important to invest it wisely than play around haphazardly. Facebook is the most popular social media marketing channel on the internet by far. With a monthly active user base of over 2 billion people, you can actually perceive the potential your business has to grow through Facebook alone. Do not overload your promotions else it will become unnoticed since users will not really bother to check your links. Be judicious while posting content on social media, one that is relevant only.

  • Email Marketing

Imagine the power an email has over its users. It is a great way to let your audience know that you exist, the products that you offer, the offers that you are running, the benefits the audience can reap and so forth. Do not ignore this very important digital marketing tool that is cost effective and helps to reach a large number of users instantly. Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Reach Mail, Litmus, Mailjet, Cake Mail, etc. are few email marketing tools that you can use to gather and send emails to potential customers. It aids as a personal interaction and aims to generate 50% more leads than only social media marketing. Use it wisely by including great precise content along with goodies for the users to get enticed with.

  • FAQ’s / Answers

It is always better to have smartly framed answers on your website to enable a greater audience view. We all love the idea of getting an answer instantly and that is where Google plays the most important role. Provide informative and relevant answers that are rich in text and visuals to be able to show up on SERPs. If answered well, you have a higher chance of coming on the first page.

Although there are no set ‘works-for-all’ parameters for digital marketing however, there are a lot of permutations and combinations that can work well for organizations. In brief, knowing your audience, knowing how to use social media and analyzing your website is the first way to start building a great digital marketing strategy.

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