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How to Generate Solid Word of Mouth for Your Business

By May 15, 2018 No Comments

With 74% of consumer saying that word of mouth affects their purchasing decisions, it’s no wonder small businesses need to start getting people to talk about their products and services. Even in the digital age we’re seeing the importance of word of mouth, with viral ad campaigns, funny images that get shared all over the internet and blog posts that get printed out and passed around the office. One could definitely argue that word gets around much easier with social media, email, texting and every other digital communication medium. Overall, word of mouth means quite a bit for your small business, so if you’re not taking advantage of it you might find that regular marketing is not enough.

This goes for both mobile app resellers and regular businesses that make their own apps. After all, no one is going to download your apps unless people start chatting about it and sharing their thoughts. Bad word of mouth could turn your app into a dud, while good word of mouth increases your downloads and boosts your revenue. So, how do you go about generating word of mouth for your business? Let’s take a look at some of the more effective methods.

Find Places Online That Are Willing to Talk About Your Business

Standard PR practices aren’t always going to be the most effective means of marketing. In fact, you’re most likely going to spend a bunch of money, then end up with nothing to show for it. However, the internet has a way of helping out at every corner, seeing as how you can typically talk to bloggers in your niche and get them to review your products, talk about your apps and share this information to their followings. The best part about this tactic is that it’s often free or super cheap. Bloggers are constantly on the lookout for fresh content. If you offer a cool new product that you market through a mobile app, that might be newsworthy. You’ll have even better success if your company has some sort of affiliate program setup. This way the bloggers have incentive to mention your company, generating word of mouth the moment they hit the Publish button.

Set Goals Along the Way

“I want everyone in town to be talking about our business.” That statement is far too vague, since you’re never going to be able to measure that, and it’s as lofty as they come. With word of mouth marketing you still have to set reasonable, specific goals. Otherwise you have no idea if you’ve succeeded and if you need to improve in some areas. For example, you might start asking customers where they heard about your business. In that case you can make a goal for X number of referrals per week or month. It’s a completely measurable goal. Or you might say that you want to be published on 10 reputable, relevant blogs in the next month.

Make Leaving Reviews as Easy as Possible

Besides maybe at parties or at the dinner table, people don’t make recommendations in person anymore. Most of the time, users go online to see how good a restaurant is or if they should go with a certain auto mechanic. In this case it’s important to claim your online pages on places like Facebook, Google Business and Yelp. Even if you don’t plan on updating them you need to show off imagery, business information and review options. After that, the reviews start coming in and you can boost your SEO and word of mouth at the same time.

Nail the “Wow” Factor By Putting Customers Above Everything

Forget about profits. Customers go first. Forget about your next product release. Customers come first. Obviously you can’t completely forget about every aspect of your business, but when you get this mentality of “the customer is first” in your head, and turn it into your mission, that’s when customers start taking notice.

Are You Generating Word of Mouth for Your Business?

Not all word of  mouth marketing requires you to do anything. Sometimes a customer comes to your store and likes everything about it. You didn’t necessarily do anything, but they’re still going to spread the word. However, being active about your company’s reputation is a good place to start when thinking about getting people to speak nicely about your brand. If you’re not currently working on your word of mouth marketing, take it one step at a time, and begin by instructing your workers (or maybe just yourself) to offer better customer service in different ways. After that, you can jump to the next step. If you have any other suggestions for generating word of mouth for small businesses, let us know in the comments below.

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