Old Strategie, New Methods.

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The social media network is here to stay without a doubt and businesses are flocking to the online scene since years ago to jump on this bandwagon. If you’re slightly late at hopping on to this digital space, it can be very daunting. It’s like taking a leap of faith into outer space without proper astronaut gear. Jumping into this unknown will be a difficult task and you may be wondering, what type of strategies can we provide you to escalate your business with the help of social media?

Real estate developers have employed different strategies to promote their residences via traditional media throughout the years. Using the strategies that they have used, we have a brief idea on how you can utilise those ideas and re-appropriate them to suit the social media marketing scene.

Word of Mouth/Referral Program

The word of mouth method or ‘recommendations-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’ method has been used for ages! Words like, “I know a guy…” or “Have you tried this…” has been proven effective, but it takes so long to come to fruition. However, it has been proven to be super effective! The online version of this method is the use of referral programs Ala social media style.

To run a referral program, all you have to do is to deliver some form of discount or reward to generate a win-win situation for both referrer and the referred. Post an ad on to Facebook and boost it according to the suitable audiences. Recruit existing customers of your business into the referral program to help you kickstart the referral program. Utilising this method, you can generate leads and get ahead via social media.

                                                                                                                       Word of Mouth

 Engagement and Personal Trust/ Online Social Engagement

It takes a lot for a real estate developer to connect and engage with their clientele and audience. It is a slow rapport that needs to be built up over the years. The slow grind of building the trust is inevitable, but building connections online makes it easier. Through the comment section and engagement reactions, we can see what the customers or audiences like or dislike about our posts and products. More often than not, we are able to see the voices of our audiences and thus reply to them quickly. The answers and responses that we provide will spur our customers to trust us more as business runners because we put in the effort to listen and change. This is also called social listening in the marketing world, it is crucial to do that in order to improve services and cater our products for the right target audiences.

                                                                                                          Online Social Engagement

 Raising Brand Awareness/ Contests and Giveaway

Brand awareness is as important as oxygen is to the body. Raising brand awareness can be done on social media too. Traditionally, brand awareness are done via various ways ranging from ads on air (TV and Radio) or even doing road shows and awareness campaigns. While these are large scale awareness campaigns and require a hefty budget to execute, how does it translate when it comes to a digital-scape of the social media platform? The answer is with contests and giveaways! Through conducting contests and giveaways, potential customers will get to know your brand and at the end of the contest, winners get to test your products out. This generates loyalty among followers as well as leads for you to re-market to them.

                                                                                                         We’ve got a winner!

The traditional ways of marketing in the real estate development industry are versatile. These staple moves in the traditional world can be appropriated into the social media networking platform to help leverage your business and presence in the virtual space of the digital age. Marketing Connection can utilise such tactics to help you achieve the heights your business needs.

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