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The Importance Of Having A Website

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The Importance Of Having A Website in 2019

The internet has been around for nearly three decades, and in that time there have been a staggering 1.8 billion websites created, according to the January 2018 Web Server Survey.

Despite this, a large number of these sites, however, receive no traffic or have lain dormant for years.

Many people if they aren’t looking for a specific website will use search engines such as Google to find what they are looking for.

To get traffic through these methods requires SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) as they have very sophisticated algorithms they have devised to rank websites due to relevance.

Why is it so important?
Many large companies and organisations will perform their business solely online or at least the majority of it.

That’s why it is so important to have a website that not only ranks high on significant search engines but also provides a very user-friendly experience.

On top of this with the introduction of smartphones, you’ll want to have a website that displays responsively on a mobile device.

For example, if you’re looking for the best cheap cabinets from Wholesale Cabinets in the US, you will find that high up on the search bar due to the specific search, but you’ll want it to appear with less information being entered.

One of the critical factors to having a successful business is having a website in place.

Many people rather than going physically into a store will traverse the more convenient route of looking online either to purchase that item directly or search for a more detailed preview of what they want before potentially wasting their time driving to the store.

Around 88% of consumers will perform this pre-purchase research, according to a study conducted by the eCommerce Foundation.

This can also be broken down to 67% of these using a desktop, 42% on a mobile or smartphone and 26% on a tablet.

How a website can be monetized is through are the following:

Affiliate earnings – For example, if you conduct reviews if you have an affiliate link if someone were to click this link and subsequently buy the product you would then receive a commission payment.

Directly selling your product or service and receiving payment through an online payment gateway.

Adverts – if you have a high amount of traffic coming to your website and maybe don’t have a product or service then you can have pop up adverts of relevance on your site – each time these are clicked you’ll be rewarded monetarily.

Sponsored posts – sometimes if you have a high amount of traffic companies will pay for you to sponsor or mention them in the hope this will bring the increase in the custom they’re looking for.

A few ending notes

The process of developing and maintaining a website – especially for a large organisation can be both expensive and time-intensive.

However, as we have touched upon already with technology becoming more and more ingrained in our day to day lives it is becoming a necessity rather a luxury.

Also, many companies operate solely online, so the whole business and it’s existence and success depend on the functionality and design of the website always being up to scratch.

And sites from time to time can have downtime, that’s where it can become expensive with you having to call someone into the office in the middle of the night to make the necessary repairs to get it live again

However, this can be compensated for as somewhere around the world it will be daytime, and they will be looking to purchase through your website.

So the sooner it is back and live the sooner you can start receiving income through your website again.

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