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1. G Suite Mobile Management

Google’s G Suite includes a simple yet effective mobile device management solution. Although it is by no means a UEM solution, it does support both Android and iOS platforms (including wearables). Additionally, it allows for some basic mobile management features – like basic password enforcement and remote account wipes – without the use of a device policy controller.

If you already are a G Suite customer, mobile management comes at no extra cost, and if you aren’t, it comes with a host of other useful tools. This makes G Suite’s offer hard to resist for existing users and users who also looking for other tools that are included in G Suite.

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2.Microsoft Intune

Intune is an enterprise-focused UEM solution that offers support for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. It has MDM features for enrolled devices, MAM features with or without enrollment, and mobile identity management through Azure Active Directory.

The standalone MAM capabilities are available for all Office365 apps and a few partner apps. However, they also provide Android, iOS, and Xamarin SDKs that can be used to add application management to any other app.

Naturally, Intune has a close integration with Office365, Azure, and other Microsoft Cloud services, making it an attractive choice for companies that already use other Microsoft services.

Bulk Enrollment: supports Android Zero Touch enrollment, Apple Device Enrollment Program, and Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

3. IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is another enterprise grade UEM solution that supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms. This includes wearables and IoT devices that use API calls and integrates their AI assistant Watson to provide insights into how your apps and devices are being used.

They offer MDM and MAM features, including a private app store to provide MAM without the need to enroll devices. And with an IBM Watson powered dashboard giving you an overview of the state of your devices and their usage, it is a flexible solution that handles scale well.

Bulk Enrollment: Android Zero Touch Enrollment, Apple Device Enrollment Program, Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

4. Miradore Online

Miradore Online is a very affordable MDM solution that supports Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It offers all the regular MDM features, like remote device lock and wipe, remote app management and deployment, and more. It also allows you to automate your process and automatically deploy applications, configurations, and content to pre-defined business groups.

Miradore also supports Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and managed Google Play Store, however, you can only manage registered devices and standalone MAM is not supported.

Bulk Enrollment: Apple Device Enrollment Program

5. VMware AirWatch

AirWatch is one of the most comprehensive UEM solutions, boasting support for iOS, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, and Windows. Standalone MAM capabilities are also supported through their container app, an SDK that developers can integrate into their apps, and app wrapping for already developed apps.

AirWatch also provides a host of other features like access and security management, virtual apps and desktops, and intelligent analytics and workflow automation. Moreover, AirWatch’s UI is quite intuitive and easy to master, allowing non-technical members to fully utilize its powerful capabilities.

Bulk Enrollment: Android Zero Touch Enrollment, Samsung Knox Mobile enrollment, and Apple Device Enrollment Program


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