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Businesses are looking for new ways to invest in mobile to safeguard their future.

Mobile is where users and customers can be found and ignoring mobile may be a costly business mistake.

One way to explore mobile for your business is to develop a bespoke corporate app.

A corporate app is a versatile business tool and is becoming more affordable and readily available to businesses of all sizes.

A corporate app can act as a sales and marketing tool, a product showcase, a logistical tool and it can even help sign in visitors at your company reception!

Getting an app developed for your organization is the perfect opportunity to create something totally unique in a new and exciting digital environment.

Benefits of corporate app development

There are loads of different ways a corporate app can benefit you and your business.

First of all, it gets you a foothold in the app market and makes sure that your business won’t get left behind in the mobile revolution.

But don’t just get an app developed for the sake of it – take it as an opportunity to create something useful and worthwhile for your organization that can’t be done elsewhere.

Here are some ways in which apps can benefit a business thanks to their unique features:

  • Apps have a great pool of functions and features that a normal website cannot deliver. It makes them ideal for explaining things or for increasing consumer involvement and interaction.
  • Apps are great data-capturing tools.
  • Apps are versatile business tools that can be easily customized and updated to reflect the changing business landscape.
  • By creating a public-facing app you can reach new customers and widen your audience reach. Think about what your audience would like to know or what they would need and go about helping them with your app. There’s no point developing a public-facing app if it’s something no one will ever need!
  • An app is a great visual tool that many people find more engaging and useful than websites.
  • A corporate app is a brilliant brand touchpoint that enhances your credibility and audience reach.
  • A corporate app can help you gamify your business, adding a sense of fun to otherwise bland procedures.

When to use corporate apps?

Before starting an app development project, consider carefully where a corporate app would make the biggest difference for your organization.

Do you need an internal app to manage business processes better?

Or would you be better off giving your sales team an app they could use with clients to help them capture data?

Would a public-facing app like a game or an information service be an effective way to market your brand?

  • If your team is out visiting clients and prospects on a regular basis, could you make those visits more effective? For example, by equipping staff with an app that enables them to enter data and update records remotely (even when they don’t have internet access). You can even get client signatures on tablets, so you don’t even need to scan in a signed form.
  • A corporate app can be a good place to showcase new products or services, and it acts as a great icebreaker at networking events.
  • A corporate app can also come with you to exhibitions and act as a valuable promotional tool.
  • A corporate app developed for internal purposes can be integrated with other company software and processes to save time and streamline procedures. More and more companies are turning to tablet apps to save time and reduce the cost of data entry.


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