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Advertising is everywhere on the Internet, from social media to search engines. This makes advertising an excellent digital advertising strategy. Online advertising gives you multiple options to reach your target audience in multiple locations and multiple formats.


Google Search Ads


Google search advertising is one of the most popular and effective types of online advertising because most online experiences start with a search engine. Search ads show up in search results alongside organic results, so we can divide them into two categories which are text ads and carousel/gallery ads.


Google text ads are the most common type of search ads. They appear at the very top of search results pages, and sometimes at the very bottom as well. The reason they are called text ads is that they consist entirely of text such as title tags or headings, web addresses, and instructions.


The other type of Google search ads is carousel or gallery ads. These ads, like text ads, show up at the very top of search results pages. They feature a combination of text and images. Each one appears as a box with text at the bottom and an image above it.


Email Ads


Email ads is marketing by email where the recipient has agreed to receive promotional information from the brand. In this form of advertising, marketers seek permission from their prospects by giving them an option to opt in before sending an email.


You can set up these PPC Ads through Google Ads. Google targets users based on their interests as reflected in the emails they send and receive, so you can always reach a relevant audience.


Mobile Ads


Mobile ads is paid advertising displayed in mobile applications. When users download apps on their phones, such as weather apps, games or other apps, those apps often display ads. You can buy AD space on the apps of your choice to attract people who use them.


Mobile advertising is a reliable way to do it. You can attract users based on topics or interests related to the applications they use. In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 smartphone users describe the mobile brand experience as helpful and would use it again.


Display Ads


Display ads or banner ads are visually oriented. When you visit a website and see a box with a gorgeous image or video on the edge of somewhere, that’s a display AD. They can come in different shapes. Sometimes they’re square boxes on the side, sometimes they’re long bars at the top of the page. So, you can set up your display ads to appear on particular sites to help you reach the most relevant possible audience.


Search ads are the ideal format for advertising your business, but you can also advertise on third-party websites with display ads. You can use different channels for display ads, but the best way is to use Google Ads, where you can create search Ads on the same platform.

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