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Web design is essential because it primarily affects how your target audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can make them stay on your page and learn more about the products/services you offer, or leave your page to a competitor’s site. A good web design can help you retain potential customers and turn them into profits. If your site features look outdated or unappealing, it may leave a negative impression.




Your domain name is your website name. This is the address where users can access your site. Domain names are developed and used to quickly identify or access web pages, rather than using IP addresses. Your domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers. You can also use it with various domain name extensions, such,.net,.sg, and so on.


In addition, each domain name is unique and never two sites with the same name appear at the same time. Also, before registering your domain name, make sure it matches your brand and business goals so that your audience knows what your site is before they even enter the page. 

So the mistake to avoid here is that the registrant must be reachable, or should find a reliable company to do it, otherwise there will be a risk of future domain renewal or transfer. Second, it is important to know more about the difference and how to name it.




To prevent your copy from appearing wrong on the page, you can avoid overusing bullet points. Using these can make your site look unprofessional, especially if you don’t write complete sentences. So make sure you write complete and concise sentences that the reader can easily understand. 


Web Design

The mistake most people make when designing a web page is to want the best or unique design, rather than choosing the design that best fits your brand. Instead of overly focusing on individual design elements for your website, focus on how website design should complement and showcase your branding professionally. 




Mistake that need avoid in programming is changing design aspects of the website (e.g. font/theme colour and layout) during programming. Decide on the design aspects before the programming stage so that the web development process can be smooth and seamless. 


Maintenance & Security

The mistake to avoid here is assuming that small businesses are less likely to be hacked and not knowing what viruses and malware are, how plugins are vulnerable to viruses, etc. A mistake like this will likely cause your company to lose money.

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