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What exactly does it mean to have a web presence, though, and what elements should a freelance writer’s website include?

Keywords and SEO Terms

As with any webpage, keywords and specific SEO terms are essential for users to discover your site. If you’re not optimizing your website using keywords and SEO terms, then you’re missing out. Many freelance writers get work because clients search for “freelance writer” + “city name” or “freelance writer” + “latino niche” or a similar keyword combo. Make your website discoverable by including important terms. 

Introduction, Buy-In, Photos, and Logos

Your landing page should immediately elicit a buy-in from your potential client. In your own words and graphics, you must convey professionalism while coming across as a real, verifiable, trustworthy human. Use logos, professional photos, and text that express who you are as a writer, what you can do to serve potential clients, and why they should hire you specifically.

Other Qualifications

List and demonstrate your other qualifications. Include academic training, awards, organization memberships, and other evidence that displays your professionalism and your ability to write and serve the client or organization.

Subject and Niche Information

If you write specifically in a certain niche or subject matter area or medium, make sure your potential clients know that. In addition, including this information helps you with keywords and search engine optimization (SEO).

Testimonials, References, and Case Studies

This is self-explanatory. Include anything that will give the publisher, editor, or private client confidence in your skills.

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