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There are several tools to streamline the BA procedure and make it more transparent for clients. We picked up the five best business analysis tools that help achieve the goals of prototyping, product knowledge retention, and, finally, communication.

1. Rational RequisitePro

Rational RequisitePro is one of the most powerful tools for managing project requirements. Its architecture supports a dynamic link between requirement documents and a project database for a powerful sort and query capabilities. Thus, it makes gathering and tracking the requirements easy for every business analyst.

2. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is an ideal prototyping tool with ready-to-plug UI bits for iOS and Android. This tool for designing wireframes works well for both web and mobile prototypes. Balsamiq helps communicate the vision of the app to all stakeholders.

3. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a leading tool for project management and business modeling. It can also be used to build UML diagrams and create flowcharts. It is a perfect way to explain to coders how an app should work.

4. Pencil

Pencil is another powerful and easy-to-use tool for decision modeling and creating mockups. It helps business analysts work on the final product’s look and feel and test the real-world scenarios, delivering the idea to a customer and the entire project team.

5. Confluence and Jira

Confluence and Jira are robust collaboration tools. All knowledge about a mobile app — designs, test plans, requirements, etc. — are conveniently collected and stored in Confluence.

Besides knowledge retention, it is used to discuss the app’s status and the next steps. Confluence seamlessly integrates with Jira, where teams track issues during various project stages.


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